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Hi Craig, I just got home from work and I must tell you what a great job you and your team did.  The tree looks wonderful and the area where the rocks were is awesome.  Your work was worth every penny.

– Jeanne C. – Minnetonka, MN 

Thanks Craig – We think everything looks fabulous and we’re very happy with the final result. You have a great crew!  They were all very thoughtful, helpful and friendly. I’m sure we’ll be doing more work together. Thanks again for a great job!!

– Joel & Lori C. – Roseville, MN

I had to be out of town during the planting……but wow! I am impressed with everything, I knew it would be good but this is spectacular. Not only is it good for the environment, but I think it will foster goodwill in the neighborhood.

– Heritage Estates – Vadnais Heights, MN

Craig, thanks for jumping in and getting us done and coming up with something that exceeded our expectations. Your crew was above average, delightful, knowledgeable and hard workers.

Thanks for following up. Everything looks great. And our shed arrived right on time. Have a good rest of the Fall.

– Debra & Liz – Golden Valley, MN 

I was at the lot this weekend and oh my, what a wonderful difference.  You and your team do nice work. Also, I really appreciate you speaking up about the tree pruning plan and offering other suggestions. Finding people willing to take on this project was much harder than you might imagine, so I really appreciate your / your crew’s efforts & expertise.

– Kimberly K. – Minnetonka, MN 

Thank you so much for your wonderful and beautiful work! We are so pleased with the results and it was great working with you and your team

-Larry & Mary – Minneapolis, MN 

It looks fantastic! And thank you for all the little extras. That was very thoughtful. I especially loved the trimming up of the maple tree. I have been trying to convince my husband of that for months.
– Heather L. – St. Paul, MN

Given all the rain the past few weeks, we certainly picked a good time to install the rain garden.  So far as I can tell, it is working perfectly.  Several plants have started blooming, so we are getting some pretty flowers showing up. We certainly appreciate the quality work you and your staff did.  It was a pleasure having your crews around.  They were personable, outgoing, and did a quality job.

– Steve & Kathy O. – St. Paul, MN 

Thank you Craig.  We were very pleased with the effort and result!

– Glen & Cindy S. – Woodbury, MN

I look out the window at my trees and lawn and admire how nice they look. I’ve already given out some of your business cards.Thanks to you and Kevin for doing such a great job!

– Marge S. – Minneapolis, MN

Thank you again. I’m so pleased with what you did!

– Stacey M. –  Chaska, MN

I love my raingardens, I’ve had several people say “what is it?” I have been watering and all the plants seem to be doing very well. I was going to get a few different estimates but I liked you when I met you and didn’t go any further, not really a smart thing to do but it worked out very well. I will definitely recommend you and your crew to others.
– Terry S. – Brooklyn Center, MN

Everyone LOVES the raingardens. Many homeowners have commented on how wonderful it is. You and your crew have done a great job. Now that you are complete, Tom S. commented that the work you have done is better than our expectations. We will be contacting you for a project next year.
– Lorna N. – Dewey Hill III Townhomes, Edina, MN

Thank you for the fabulous job! We had a big storm Saturday evening and had no water in or near our house. We are grateful you were here last week.
– Cassie and Maddy K. –  Apple Valley, MN

Our experience was great with Ecoscapes! Craig was a pleasure to work with and was always helpful to answer any questions no matter what time of day. Our DIY patios turned out great and saved us thousands of dollars over having a contractor install them. We would suggest Ecoscapes DIY packages to anyone.
– Michael S. –  Minneapolis, MN

Craig Stark, Owner of Ecoscapes, came to my home to give me his ideas for installing a rain garden in my back hard. I was hoping to accomplish two things: 1) Prevent water from getting into my garage and, 2) Keep rain water on my property so it would not run down the alley. Craig spent a sufficient amount of time to explain what he could do and give me an estimate of the cost. I was impressed with his knowledge and experience. It was getting late in the season and I was eager to have the work done this fall. He assured me that it was a one-day job and that he could get it done for me before winter. I asked him to email me three references. The references he gave me were very willing to talk to me and all praised his work and follow-up. The evening before the work was to be done; Craig called me to say he would be here at 8:00 AM in the morning. He and his assistant arrived on time and finished the job that day as promised. They replaced the fence that needed to be taken down and the extra mulch was not hauled away, but spread on my other gardens. I really appreciated that extra consideration. Everything was cleaned up and left in good shape. I would highly recommend Ecoscapes and would be willing to talk to anyone who might call me for a reference.
– Marge S. –  Minneapolis, MN

Thank you again for creating my rain garden. I am very happy with it. I am very pleased to recommend your services for installing rain gardens. The plans that you drew up were very clear and easy to understand. Your knowledge of native plants was very evident. The day of installation it was all started and completed as promised. I have had many people stop and inquire about the rain garden. I would most certainly recommend you to anyone interested in installing a rain garden.
– Anna O. – Richfield, MN

I hired Craig and his company, Ecoscapes, to do some work for me last fall, removing a sidewalk and several tons of landscape boulders last fall, and he did such good work and was so professional that I hired him and his crew again this summer to install a French drain where the sidewalk was, and grade my garden area. Again he and his guys did amazing work. Not only was he on time, courteous, and professional, but he was very knowledgeable and experienced. As a former landscaper myself, I was very impressed with his knowledge of drainage solutions, and plants (it’s amazing how many landscapers don’t know plants). He did the work that I requested perfectly, and even went the extra mile and salvage some perennials from where the French drain was being installed and replanted them in an empty spot in my yard, removed some overgrown vines that were creeping onto my driveway, and even cleaned up some landscaping mess that I had made–all things I had not even expected him to do but were needed, and I was very, very happy to have done. And he left no mess whatsoever. I stopped home over lunch to check on the work and spoke with his crew, who were very polite and respectful (well above par for my experiences in the industry). Needless to say, Craig and Ecoscapes are my landscape company of choice, and I will definitely call them again when it’s time to install a paver patio and sidewalk. I definitely recommend them for any plant landscaping or hardscaping project.
– Dane R. – Minneapolis, MN

We had a multi-level pond with waterfall that was not built properly so it was hard to maintain and had constant algae bloom. We knew it needed to be rebuilt and that it was too big a job for us. Craig came in and recommended a redesign that not only looks more attractive, but is much easier to maintain. We love the fact that our water feature is set up to be maintained with natural enzymes and chemical free, making it a better environment for the plants and koi. Now we have a lovely pond and a natural-looking river-style waterfall that adds the music of moving water to our backyard without the hassle. It is the most striking feature of our backyard oasis and always draws compliments from our guests. Craig and his crew were very professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with, and hard-working. They finished the job in a timely and highly satisfactory fashion. We would heartily recommend Ecoscapes Sustainable Landscaping to anyone.
– Tony M. –  Golden Valley, MN

We are very happy with the way our do it yourself patio turned out. You are really on to something by offering this service. The equipment / material deliveries were timed perfectly and the timing of the consultations allowed for uninterrupted work on the project. It was a lot of work, but it feels great now that it is done. Your advice and guidance allowed for us novice landscapers to complete a project we thought would only be fit for a pro.
– Jeff & Lisa J. – St Bonifacius, MN

When the time came to put a patio in my back yard I found out quickly what a hassle it could be; estimating materials, sourcing materials, delivering and properly installing the materials…. Forget it! I’ll hire someone. Then I found out how expensive it could be to hire it out. What to do? That’s when I found Craig Stark at Ecoscapes. Ecoscapes offers a “landscaping for the do-it-yourselfer.” He came to my house and gave me a thorough consultation, explaining in exact detail the step-by-step process. Then, he delivered the precise amount of materials I would need to build a beautiful cobblestone patio. Craig offered a steady stream of consultation along the way along with ever needed tools to ensure that the job was done right. I can’t stress enough how happy I am with my new patio and what a treat it was to have the invaluable help of Craig Stark and Ecoscapes
– Randy C. –  Minneapolis, MN

We had about 1.25 inches of rain on Tuesday and the only standing water was in the two ponding areas. They were about a quarter filled with water, which was gone the next day. The rain garden makes the backyard look so much better and we have received compliments from several neighbors. You did a great job. We appreciate you planting the tall grass.
– Richard K. –  Edina, MN

Craig Stark is the best landscape professional you could ask for. In addition to all those things that you want as a given: expertise, creativity, accountability, ability to listen as well as to offer ideas: he goes above and beyond. Way beyond. His passion for rain gardens is obvious. Clearly he loves this endeavor. Clearly his investment in my garden and its progress was as important to him as it was to me. I cannot say enough good things about not only what he did, but how he did it I have had my rain garden for one year. It is lush, vibrant, attracting not only abundant compliments from my neighbors, but also plenty of buzz about the value of these gardens in the safeguarding of our water sources. It has provided ample opportunity to educate those who have not yet learned of its purpose, as well as more opportunity to say thank you for the comments I have had not only about its beauty, but about its contribution to a healthy environment. I not only love it, I am also proud of it as one more way to do my part.
– Susan S. –  Edina, MN

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy we are with the landscaping project. We get nothing but compliments from friends and neighbors and even like the way it all looks now that the snow has arrived. Of course you should feel free to use us as references if you’d like. It’s been a pleasure working with you. We are very impressed with your professionalism and attention to detail. Keep up the good work. Talk to you in the spring.
– Jim & Sharon D. – Lakeville, MN

Regarding our backyard, while it was wooded and private, it was quite a wild mess and not useable. You took the few sketchy ideas we had and turned it into a lovely retreat we can use as a family. I so enjoy looking at it through my window while I work in the kitchen! We also like the way you used plantings native to Minnesota. We can’t forget the work you did in the front yard – we get so many compliments on the flowerbeds and the paver sidewalk. Craig, you are truly gifted in earth-friendly landscaping and exhibit integrity as a business owner. What a pleasure it was to work with you. We look forward to our next project with you.
– David & Susan R. – Lakeville, MN

Thanks for the great job removing buckthorn bushes from our yard. It was a big job, and I am very pleased with the professional way you cut the buckthorn, removed the stumps, hauled it away and cleaned up. I very much appreciated and enjoyed working with you, your responsiveness to my concerns and your knowledgeable answers to my questions. Also, your fee was very reasonable
– John & Jan H. – Maplewood, MN

I gladly recommend Ecoscapes. Craig took a sensitive and sensible approach to helping me solve a problem that I had lived with for many years–a wet basement caused by poor landscaping next to the house. He gave me a delightful plan with options to choose from and also was generous in empowering me to take on some of the ideas myself when they went a bit beyond my budget. He was a quick worker, did a great job on the project and cleaned up afterward. He has also followed up with me to check in on my satisfaction months later. Check Ecoscapes out. I think you will find them to be very professional with great eco-sensitive ideas!
– Catherine D. – St. Paul, MN

I wanted to write to let you know how much we love our new back yard. About a year ago we looked out at our back yard and decided that something needed to be done. All we could see was grass, a few sprouting trees, and the back of our neighbor’s garage. We called Craig, and within a week, he was at our house helping us see how our wide expanse of lawn could become a welcoming outdoor living space. We had a few ideas of our own, but Craig came back a few weeks later with a design all his own that we absolutely fell in love with a rounded patio, accented by solid pillars, soft lighting, a fire pit, landscaping hills, trees for privacy, and perennials to complete the space. Craig and his crew completed the job on-schedule, on-budget, and with nothing but respect for our home, our yard, our neighbors, and the neighborhood kids. The first weekend after the job was completed we hosted a spontaneous gathering with 20 guests. Everyone always talks about how the kitchen is the gathering place in every home. At our house, that’s just not true anymore. Its winter now, but every day we look outside and anxiously await the first spring evening when we can have a bonfire and spend the night in our new back yard. Who knew that something as simple as a patio could make a house feel more like a home? It’s like having a brand new, fresh air living space.
– Mark & Julie A. – Chaska, MN

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