If you’re tired of trial and error landscaping, it’s time to call a professional!

The beginning stage of your property improvement can be a daunting task for many of you. At Ecoscapes we understand that it is difficult to know where to start and figure out what you want. With our consultation services we can guide you through your options and give you great suggestions as you formulate your wants and needs for your outdoor spaces. We can help you maximize your outdoor space while keeping within your budget.

Discover how Ecoscapes Sustainable Landscaping can transform your yard into your dream landscape. To get started today please click here to use our landscape design questionnaire.

On-site Landscape Consultations

  • Answers and solutions to landscape problems
  • Plant identification or recommendations
  • Landscape design ideas
  • Garden advice
  • Guidance for do-it-yourselfers
  • Landscape surveys/assessments
  • Soil tests and soil amendment suggestions
  • Vegetable garden planning
  • Materials selection and sourcing help
  • Weed identification and management suggestions
  • Grading and drainage solutions
  • Money savings maintenance technique suggestions
  • Rain garden guidance
  • Eco-friendly landscape ideas

Our consultations are a flat rate of $100 which can be credited toward any installation project with us, does not include plant purchases without installation or layout services. We spend a minimum of 1 hour with at your home answering any questions or concerns and give customized professional advice to help you with your landscaping. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our consultation service.

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