About Us

Craig Stark started Ecoscapes Sustainable Landscaping in 2002 while attending The University Of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design from the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture in 2004 after receiving the MNLA scholarship in 2000. With over 28 years of experience in the landscaping industry, Craig has a true passion for his chosen career.

Education and community involvement are of utmost importance to Ecoscapes. Craig has volunteered and consulted with over 3000 homeowners in partnerships with Metro Blooms, Lawns To Legumes, Dakota, Scott, and Carver County Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Ecoscapes is also a partner with Blue Thumb, where Craig is an active volunteer. In 2011, Craig worked with his church to build a 100′ x 100′ community donation garden. It has produced 6,000 lbs of healthy produce that was all donated to the local food shelf. Ecoscapes has donated plants and labor to countless causes over the years.

Craig lives in Elko, MN with his wife (Megan), son (Finn), and daughter (Flora). In his free time he enjoys traveling, gardening, fishing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and home remodeling.  You will see his passion for his field the first time you meet him.

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